Supercharge 2021 marketing with 5 New Year’s resolutions

Supercharge 2021 marketing with 5 new years resolutions

As we move into a new year, it is a prime time to reflect upon past business performance and plan for the future. For business owners and marketers, making a New Year’s resolution can bring focus to their efforts and help set clear goals for the year ahead. After all, 2020 was memorable for all the wrong reasons for many. So, why not check out our 5 tips to supercharge 2021 marketing to get you started.


5 New Year’s resolutions to supercharge 2021 marketing

Here are five New Year’s marketing resolutions so you can supercharge 2021 marketing for your business:

1. Put customers first in your new year’s resolutions

Firstly, COVID-19 may have seen an influx of “we’re here for you” messaging but brands must do more than send a few personalised emails and adverts to put their customers first. Invest in neuroscience in marketing so you understand how people think, feel and respond to your marketing and advertising. Your budget will thank you too – neuromarketing helps deliver a superior ROI while also reducing the risk of a failed marketing campaign.

Furthermore, go beyond acquisition and make your customers feel special with a dedicated customer marketing programme. Increase engagement, encourage upsells, cross-sells and loyalty all the way through to customer advocacy by focussing on customer experience marketing.

2. Stay up to date with emerging trends

Do you know what’s trending? How about intent-based marketing? Perhaps you didn’t know that ABM is becoming standard in 2021? Maybe your local search needs a boost? How about ad campaigns that use scientific measurement?

Digital marketing is no exception when it comes to keeping up with the growth and evolution of modern technology. Marketers can quickly get lost playing a game of catch up as they negotiate emerging and continuing trends. For those looking to get ahead of the curve, hiring a Chartered Marketer means that you have a professional on your side with up-to-date knowledge on the latest marketing trends and best practice.

3. Always start with strategy to boost 2021 marketing

Any marketing plan or activity must relate back to a clearly defined marketing strategy. Why? Because your marketing strategy is your blueprint for success, informing who to target, how and where to gain competitive advantage.

Think Beyond offers a number of marketing strategy services including professionally-prepared strategic marketing plans. From marketing research tools through to strategic frameworks such as ABM, ZBM and marketing transformation, our CIM qualified team creates powerful marketing strategies that get results. Book a free strategy consultation by emailing

4. Know what good looks like in marketing

Metrics and KPIs are the foundations upon which marketing activity rests (and is judged on). By having clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place, you quickly see just how close (or far away) from your business goals you actually are. Furthermore, as a strategic tool, marketing KPIs help to determine your return on investment and guide decision-making.

If you don’t already have KPIs in place, check out these six Key Performance Indicators every B2B company needs.

5. Don’t be afraid to change things up

Finally, having a mindset of “we’ve always done things this way” is not going to cut it in 2021. So what if you’ve always bid on specific keywords or paid to appear in specific publications – if they’re not generating results it’s time to change. Yes, COVID-19 has brought the issue of marketing effectiveness into the spotlight for many and shifting customer behaviours mean that innovation is a key marketing trend for 2021 that will decide marketing leaders from followers.


Charge up your 2021 marketing with a marketing consultant

Making New Year’s resolutions is great but sometimes everyone needs help and guidance to stay committed to their goals. This is precisely where a Think Beyond marketing consultant can help. Our qualified marketers support businesses of all sizes to find the best marketing solution and also deliver it with full and transparent reporting. In summary, it pays to hire marketing experts that deliver your strategy aligned to best practice.

Furthermore, we have top web designers, digital advertisers, creatives, copywriters and neuroscientists at our disposal. Our clients include everything from a small business to a national institution.


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