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Why you should transform your marketing to retain your talent

Why you should transform your marketing to retain your talent

In these times of unprecedented disruption of modern life, marketing budget cuts, the stresses and strains of working from home, home schooling and worry about our health, is it a given that staff will stay with you? Historically, many people look at pastures new in January following time to reflect over the holidays. In our article, we look at why you should transform your marketing to retain your talent.


Why you should transform your marketing

Why would you want to transform your marketing? After all, you have a good team of marketers, you have your agencies lined up and working and ‘martech’ that is hot right now.

Here are 4 reasons that you may want to transform your marketing to retain your talent:

  1. You wish to retain talent or cannot recruit replacements
  2. To improve your ROI to avoid budget cuts
  3. You don’t have the time or knowledge to successfully integrate new martech
  4. You want to increase the effectiveness of campaigns

One of the main themes for 2021 is the rise of effectiveness as owners, boards and directors look for improvements in efficiency.


How to transform your marketing

Firstly, by transforming we mean enhancing, optimising and augmenting. Transforming does not have to be a negative thing and it comes in many forms.

Here are 3 ways in which you can transform your marketing to enhance and optimise results:

  1. Adjust processes and job roles to increase efficiency
  2. Audit performance against plans and goals to increase effectiveness
  3. Adapt systems and martech to increase efficacy

Secondly, transforming your marketing does not always mean changing agency or martech solution. After all, it is tempting to swop supplier and claim improved results based on a metric the supplier promotes. Truly transforming is enhancing what you already have so that you get better results for less effort or expenditure.

Thirdly, we specialise in techniques such as lean, six sigma, continuous improvement, OVA and more. These tools for transforming marketing support marketers to increase return, enhance marketing operations and streamline procedures.


What retaining your talent means

Retaining your talent means a team of people that change employer less often. This has a number of benefits to the business, the marketing team, the managers and the individuals.

Here are 5 benefits of retaining your talent in marketing:

  1. Improved morale – Happier staff and teams, less sick leave and an overall better performance.
  2. Reduced costs – Less recruitment fees, less need for ‘reactive’ pay rises and less time to train new staff.
  3. Continuity of knowledge – Less disruption, increasing experience in the team and stable marketing performance.
  4. Easier to hire talent for growth – Attractive teams to join, knowledge to draw upon and a support structure in place.
  5. Increased capability – Build more skills rather than losing talent, develop existing team members and plan for the future with strength in depth.

In summary, it is more expensive in the long-term if staff depart regularly, new talent quickly starts looking for a new job and you are constantly learning the ropes.


The next steps to transform and retain talent

Now that you have read the why, how and what behind transforming, are you convinced? According to LinkedIn’s UK Workforce Insights in December 2020, 65% of UK working professionals had elevated stress levels as 2020 drew to a close. Furthermore, 45% of women said they plan to devote more time than last year to job seeking and 33% of men. Finally, nearly half expect to take less time off and a third to work more.

You can take 3 simple steps now to help improve the lot of your valuable team:

  1. Show you care – Recognise their situation, the work challenges and pandemic pressures on family life.
  2. Share your own experiences – Demonstrate how you are affected and how you are coping with things so that your team does not feel alone.
  3. Steer their mindset – Showcase a brighter future, ask for ideas to improve things little by little and focus on the positives achieved.


A partner to help you transform and retain your best

As a marketing consultancy that offers consulting and agency services, we have a broad appreciation of marketing. Our founders, Mercè and Steven, have experience in large and small businesses in different sectors from junior roles to director positions. They have experience of managing, transforming and supporting teams to achieve their very best.

Here at Think Beyond, we believe in partnership, marketing as a science and enhancing ROI. Ultimately, we aim to have a positive impact on your results, your marketing processes and your team.

If you would like to discuss our transforming and change services, simply email or call 01625 682110.

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Why you should transform your marketing to retain your talent

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