Ecommerce marketing strategies for 2021: A Playbook

Ecommerce marketing strategies for 2021: A playbook

Ecommerce marketing strategies hinge upon generating awareness, influencing consideration, accelerating purchase decisions and driving retention through paid for and other channels.

Sounds simple? Far from it. Ecommerce is relentless. Relentless in terms of pace and relentless in terms of competition. Black Friday is barely gone and now we are firmly in the Christmas sales rush. Online retailers must vie with competing marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy to name a few) and even direct to consumer retailers. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time has never been so fraught. The question on any ecommerce marketing manager’s lips is, How can I get the most out of my marketing budget?

To answer this question, the marketers at Think Beyond have put together the following ecommerce marketing strategy playbook for 2021. So get comfortable as we explain what to do now so you can get ready for the year ahead.

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Marketing strategies for ecommerce websites

A 5-point ecommerce marketing strategy playbook for generating more e-commerce sales:

  1. Invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) – from shopping ads to fill the top of your funnel to brand protection and targeted remarketing, pay per click offers scalable results. And we’re not just talking Google. Microsoft Ads offer a superior ROI with clicks costing an average of 33% less than on Google.
  2. There’s no substitute for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Pay attention to on page and off page SEO to boost your organic rankings. For 2021, the use of voice search will only increase so ensure that your on-page content is natural.
  3. Social media marketing is now. 2020 saw social media commerce explode and this will continue in 2021. Ride that social media wave by adding “shop” buttons to your profiles. Remember also that social is where your shoppers will “check you out” whilst in the consideration phase so keep your channels, reviews and trust factors up to date. User content is key to drive engagement and importantly, trust.
  4. Content Marketing for every stage of the funnel. Just as your social channels need to speak to buyers as they move through the sales funnel, your content should too. Newsletters, blogs, whitepapers and even emails. Additionally, content syndication and affiliate networks give you the opportunity to increase your brand reach to warm audiences. Take a look at how we generate an affiliate marketing strategy tailored to you.
  5. Website design that performs. If you have the best PPC campaigns, your SEO is on point and your content great but if your website underperforms, your results will be sub-par. Everything from site speed to button positioning and colour influences the buying decision. Why not book a free website audit with an invaluable neuroscience lens to get your store ready for 2021?


Start with “why” for ecommerce marketing success

Driving traffic to your online store, converting them into paying customers and retaining those customers after purchase requires a solid ecommerce marketing strategy that stretches across online and offline activity. We also believe that building an effective e-commerce marketing strategy for 2021 should start with “why.” Specifically, what is your value proposition?

In crowded markets with high cost focus, a clearly articulated “why” is more important than ever. What values – conferred or confirmed – do you offer to potential customers? It is this differentiation that will feed your competitive advantage and provide the core of your marketing strategy upon which you can add markets and personas.


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