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Law firm marketing: A strategy checklist

The solicitor/client relationship is changing

Law firms up and down the country are facing increased competition to acquire new clients. In this article, we’ll share with you our law firm marketing strategy checklist. Learn how you can unlock your firm’s marketing potential and grow your pipeline for the year ahead.

Today’s solicitors must negotiate a triple threat of digitally savvy consumers, decreased brand loyalty and eroding brand resonance. Gone is the traditional model of a lifelong client-solicitor relationship and no practice is safe. From conveyancing to family law; private clients to personal injury, the battle to attract custom in a saturated market is real.

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What is law firm marketing?

Let’s start with the basics. The way consumers search for legal services has changed. The move online and to mobile first means that prospects are free to research their options (frequently in private mode) and initiate contact only when they are ready.

The crux of the issue is that the solicitor as gatekeeper is losing sway. In this age of choice, who provides the service is no longer as important as what the service is and why you are different.

Someone who wants to write a will, to buy a house or get a divorce might not necessarily know that they can instruct a solicitor. Furthermore, they may not even need to if a paralegal, other professional or even online service can perform the same service competently and for a reasonable cost. Goodbye brand resonance and goodbye brand loyalty.

Why digital marketing is a must for lawyers

Traditional push marketing methods favoured by legal practices such as broadcast TV, radio and billboards are no longer enough to create a steady client stream.

Creating a robust digital marketing plan is key if law firms want to generate the traffic and enquiries that matter. Even small high street and single site solicitors offices should take note – according to latest figures 97% of search engine users searched online for a local business.

How to create a legal marketing strategy that works for your firm: a checklist

So, should law firms put all their marketing budget into web design? Some PPC? SEO? And CRO for good measure?
No – before we get lost in acronyms, the backbone of any effective marketing plan (digital or otherwise), is based on marketing strategy.

Get the best out of your law firm marketing by following our 6 point strategy checklist:

– Understand your target personas: what are their pain points and how do you solve them?
– Research your competition: conduct PESTLE and SWOT analysis, benchmark yourself against similar law practices.
Create your value proposition: what is your differentiation? What benefits does your firm offer?
– Dig into your data: look to your sales funnel and reverse sales funnel to identify pipeline opportunities and where improvements can be made.
– Dig into your data again: what marketing channels have historically converted well – and which have not.
– Set clear goals: that match your business objectives.

By blending traditional marketing with digital advances, law firms can help to ensure that they invest their cash where it matters to feed client acquisition.

Where to get help with your 2020 marketing

Having the right team to manage your legal marketing is crucial.

At Think Beyond, our CIM qualified experts help law firms of all sizes and all practice areas to stand out in a saturated, changing market. We are a full service marketing consultancy agency who can support you and your team with end-to-end lead generation. From research, strategy, planning through to delivery and on-going campaign management and staff training, we will grow your practice together.

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Law firm marketing: A strategy checklist

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