Why website refreshes pay with the right marketing advice

Why website refreshes pay with the right marketing advice

Find out why website refreshes pay with the right marketing advice.

Yes, it may save you some marketing budget in the short term but without the guidance of a long term strategy backed by research, a website redesign could prove a costly error with your conversion rates paying the ultimate price. Here, we outline how a marketing consultant can help to mitigate this risk by providing strategic and practical support during a website refresh project.

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Signs you need a website refresh

Firstly, let’s take a look at when a website refresh should be advised. Generally, your site needs updating if:

  • The design is clearly outdated or does not match your branding
  • Poor usability is affecting engagement metrics such as bounce rate or time on site (yes mobile friendliness we’re looking at you)
  • Conversions/ sales have declined

If you recognise any of the above three points at work in your site, it’s time that you made some design improvements. A website should communicate your brand and messaging clearly, across all devices, funneling online traffic towards “sales won”. In short, your website needs to perform.

Website refresh project planning tips and advice

Do I really need to take advice before a website refresh?

Yes, we would strongly recommend that you do in order to avoid costly errors.

Imagine spending thousands on new page templates only to discover your conversion rates drop after launch. Could the graphics be at fault? The on page copy maybe? Or is something else responsible for the drop off? Robust marketing research from a qualified marketing consultant can help to identify and eliminate such problems before go-live. Historical data analysis, buyer persona creation, A/B testing and neuromarketing experiments provide valuable insights that should not be overlooked easily.

Similarly, say that your revamped website is getting great visibility and record numbers of email sign ups. Sounds great? But what if email subscribers are of little value to your overall business goal to increase revenue by 5%? You have just spent a precious marketing budget to generate low value actions.

Goals for a website refresh can be as varied as improving the look and feel, increasing conversions, content quality, and SEO specific targets but you should always circle back to  why – why am I doing this? And how does it satisfy the wider business objectives? A marketing consultant can help to define your why, providing a strategic backbone to your digital marketing plan and driving ROI.

Why website refreshes pay with the right advice

At Think Beyond marketing consultancy we help businesses across the UK to get online and grow. We do this by:

  • Research – providing access to data and tools to drive engagement with the right audiences and buyer personas
  • Strategy – ensuring that the marketing logic serves your business goals
  • Planning – determining the marketing plan to deliver the marketing strategy
  • Fulfilment – managing projects, campaigns, advertising and content to support the marketing strategy

We are an all in one marketing solution. We align your website refresh with your strategy and plan to achieve you digital goals. Additionally, we are experts in CRO, search and advertising so that your website gets found and converts visitors. A great website helps deliver your brand goals and a seamless user experience means you see improved bounce rates and less basket abandonment.

Why website refreshes pay – strategise and plan right with Think Beyond

In conclusion, now you know why website refreshes pay with the right marketing advice. We can support your end-to-end website refresh project so you can focus on what really matters to you.

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