why small businesses need marketing advice

Why Small Businesses need Marketing Advice

Small businesses need marketing advice for two simple reasons: to know who to target and how. In this article, we’ll walk you through why small businesses need marketing advice and how hiring the right marketing consultancy helps you achieve these twin aims.

How can small businesses improve marketing?

For many small and medium sized business owners the thought of parting with more cash for marketing advice can be hard to swallow. Tight annual marketing budgets may allow little for consulting fees.

But this school of thought misses the point entirely. With small budgets the need to funnel spend into the most efficient areas becomes even more important and this is precisely where a marketing consultant can add value.

Improving marketing performance relies upon a researched, strategic approach. By first investing in a defined strategy and plan, SMEs can help achieve the right person, right time, right time marketing holy grail.

After all, there is no point investing in social media ads if your target market cannot be found there. That would be a waste of precious marketing budget.

Developing a small business marketing strategy that works for you

So, what does partnering with a consultant look like? Here, at Think Beyond, our Chartered Marketers help businesses of all sizes to get the most bang for their buck by:

  • Research: deep diving into past data and utilising analytics tools to develop accurate buyer personas, understanding the markets and what separates you from the competition.
  • Planning: applying the logic of the marketing strategy to identify which marketing channels offer the best ROI.
  • Execution: active campaign management across digital, traditional and specialist marketing mediums.
  • Optimisation: Sales funnel and reverse funnel analysis to drive performance at every stage of the sales cycle.

In short, Think Beyond will advise you on the best solution to support your growth and will deliver it for you.

Can a small business survive without marketing?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) defines marketing as not sales or advertising but the creation of value. It is the “management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability.”

This definition is incredibly poignant when you consider that half of all UK businesses fail to make it 5 years. Do SMEs need marketing advice? Yes, if they value growth they do. We have a level 7 Chartered Marketer so your advice comes from the highest level in marketing.

Marketing support from a chartered marketer

Ready to start your Think Beyond journey? We offer a range of consultancy and agency services to find out what is best for your business and then help you deliver it. It is as simple as that.

Call 01625 682110 for a no obligation chat.

Alternatively, you can request more information about our marketing support services via our online form.

Lastly, discover what makes Think Beyond different and the philosophy behind our work.

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Why Small Businesses need Marketing Advice

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