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marketing orchestration

Want to say goodbye to fragmented customer interactions and increase revenue? Find out how marketing orchestration can help you achieve this and more below.

Marketing orchestration explained

One of the most popular definitions of marketing orchestration describes the practice as:

“…A powerful approach in marketing automation and ABM. It focuses not on delivering standalone campaigns but on optimising a set of related cross-channel interactions that together make up an individualised customer experience.”
– Forrester

With a focus on harmonious interactions, orchestrated marketing is thoughtful and restrained. There are no “spray and pray” emails, SMS, direct mail, online or other campaigns. Rather, through accurate data collection, an orchestrated approach co-ordinates automated and human outreach to create personalised, relevant interactions at every stage of the customer journey.

When done properly, orchestration gets all necessary team members working together in an account based marketing play, driving specific business outcomes in key accounts. Thus, like the metaphor suggests, just as a conductor leads an orchestra, marketing orchestration delivers harmony to the music of new business, customer renewal, up-sell, cross-sell and customer advocacy efforts.

The benefits of an orchestrated approach to marketing

In brief, the advantages of marketing orchestration can be summarised as:

  • Higher revenue: by creating a pleasant buying experience for the customer, companies who use marketing orchestration can realise more revenue.
  • More pipeline: accurate data collection allows teams to tap into real-time signals, maintaining and expanding existing relationships.
  • Increased sales and marketing alignment: it’s not just marketers who benefit from orchestration. Improved data visibility and accountability streamlines messaging and outreach across departments. As a consequence, sales can see what marketing communications a prospect has accessed and marketing can accurately target the audiences that matter. Sales and marketing alignment underpins marketing orchestration in B2B.

In many respects, marketing orchestration is similar to opportunity based marketing. It is an evolutionary step (or two). On the orchestration curve, we have moved from single channel campaigns through to single channel automation and arrived at multi-channel interactions that optimise an account’s journey.

marketing evolution

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Marketing orchestration in practice

In order to answer what marketing orchestration looks like in practice, we need to return to Forrester’s definition.

As a cross-channel approach that is concerned with the individual experience, orchestration demands that companies amp up their data collection. They must establish a single identity for prospects across touch points, be it through the use of cookies or other tracking techniques. This is in addition to capturing and merging data from third party sources.

It is only through accurate and clean data that an orchestrated play – the series of steps taken to achieve set business aims – have the best chance of success.

Where to get marketing support

Data collection, personalisation, accurate KPIs and sales and marketing alignment can be challenging at the best of times; never mind orchestrating them together.

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