Opportunity based marketing: the future of ABM?

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How to smash lead gen targets

Firstly, imagine increasing your pipeline value by over 400%. A recent case study by MOI suggests the B2B company, Genesys, achieved just that. How? By infusing an account based marketing (ABM) strategy with predictive, real time signals and tight sales and marketing alignment. This is the next level of ABM. This is opportunity based marketing (OBM).

In today’s article, we’ll look at what OBM is, why to adopt it and how to get help with your marketing strategy for 2020.

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What is opportunity based marketing?

Opportunity based marketing (OBM) takes the best of account based marketing and adds emerging technologies to deliver the marketing holy trinity of right time, right message, right place.

As an insight-led approach, OBM utilises real-time digital signals to pinpoint prospects actively looking to buy. Accurate persona development that stretches across firmographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural profiling, creates targeting as personal as 1-1. This is further supercharged with neuroscience in marketing.

The aim of OBM is scalable and efficient outreach that is focussed on conversions and conversation.

The benefits of opportunity based marketing

By only targeting accounts that are most likely to convert, OBM cuts waste.

However, OBM is not restrictive. It is a flexible, real-time approach that adapts to the bespoke nature of buyer journeys and creates its own opportunities. In this model, OBM places sales and marketing teams into sharp alignment, delivering 1-1 or 1-to-cluster messaging when it matters most.

How do I know if opportunity based marketing is right for my business?

Crafting an effective marketing plan – OBM, ABM or otherwise – demands careful research, preparation, planning and implementation. Poorly aligned sales and marketing teams, ill-conceived content and bad data are some of the dangers to negotiate. Furthermore, add in different personalities, how people react (emotionally and physically) and unconscious bias and you have a real challenge requiring specialist expertise.

In summary, when every penny of your marketing budget counts, it pays to find the right marketing consultant. The CIM experts at Think Beyond work with UK businesses of all sizes and sectors to get their marketing strategy working. We create bespoke solutions backed by marketing science and metrics through to personas and applied neuroscience. We offer full campaign management and training to get you, your staff and your business where you want to go.

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