Why you need Display Advertising to Increase Digital Marketing leads Fast

why you need display advertising

Highly targeted, visually alluring and cheaper clicks than search ads are just three reasons why you need display advertising to increase digital marketing leads fast.

Businesses big and small utilise this image-based branch of pay per click marketing to boost digital acquisitions and connect with the audiences that matter. From engagement through to conversion and retargeting, display advertising extends brand reach at every stage of the sales funnel and helps to foster familiarity.

Sound good? Let’s take a closer look at what display advertising is and why you need it.

What is display advertising?

Created using imagery, videos, animation, rich media, buttons and other graphics, display ads, also known as banner ads, are a form of paid advertising.

In contrast to their search-based cousins, display ads will not show in the SERPs (search engine ranking positions). They are found across the Google Display Network, on websites, social media and mobile apps.

As SEMrush’s 2019 study highlights, display advertising allows you to “follow your audience and connect with them anywhere they are online.” The Google Display Network alone spans 90% of global internet users. This opens your brand up to appear on more than 2 million different websites and some 650,000 apps.

5 benefits of display advertising

So, why precisely should you spend your marketing budget on display ads? Here’s five distinct advantages of digital display advertising:

  • They are visual: banner ads increase the effectiveness of search.  Native ad placements are better yet and appear less intrusive.
  • They foster familiarity: helping to increase brand awareness by up 21%.
  • Display advertising is targeted: audience selection is refined with targeting settings such as placement, topic and device. For example, target basket abandoners or viewers of a specific web page. More targeting = less budgetary wastage.
  • Display ads are measured and results tracked: ROI clearly defined with a window into conversions.
  • Cheaper clicks than search: the average cost per click is $0.58 on the Google Display Network versus $2.32 on the search network.

Investment in any form of advertising should be backed by a solid marketing strategy and marketing plan.

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