Marketing is not the colouring-in department

Marketing is not the colouring-in department

Why marketing is no longer the colouring-in department

If you believe marketing is the “colouring in” department in your organisation, read on to challenge your perception and how it can support business results. Marketing is not the colouring-in department, with complex roles through to customer-centric strategies in boardrooms.

Which colour should the logo be?

Initially, that seems like a reasonable question. It is certainly important. After all, the most famous soft-drink brand of them all has retained a predominantly red and white logo since 1885. But how much does a colour, logo and brand design occupy of the modern marketer’s day? Whether you work in B2C or B2B marketing, the complexity of your day-to-day role is likely a combination of orchestrating a modern marketing function, scaling marketing campaigns and analysing data. Marketing is no longer the colouring-in department.

Colouring-in or competitive advantage through marketing?

Graphic design, web design and creative work on marketing assets are all valuable. The evolution of marketing, technology, analytics, social media and omni-channel campaigns, whilst leveraging all of the software, platforms and agencies is no mean feat. This is supported by the book, Marketing 4.0, with contribution from Philip Kotler, explaining the transformation of marketing from traditional methods to digital, next-generation marketing.

If you have a marketing strategy, marketing goals and a marketing plan to achieve them, it will be omni-channel, targeted and measurable. Campaigns, expenditure, plans, funnels, analysis and research are just part of how you reach a positive marketing contribution. Notice that we didn’t mention colours, logos or pretty pictures?

Predicting the right colours

Okay, so a little colouring-in is needed. But should it be based on your taste, third-party opinion or science? Many rely on the first option i.e. “I like the colour” (maybe your favourite), “it looks good” or “I prefer that one” without knowing if the majority would agree with them. Your target customer persona may even prefer a different colour and design entirely. Third-party feedback such as online surveys, going out into the street to get opinion (before coronavirus) or focus groups will give you a better idea but can suffer from bias. Ever feel ‘pounced on’ for your feedback or you are too busy to fill-in that survey?

Making the right decision on a rebranding doesn’t have to depend on personal ‘taste’ and succumb to personal or group bias. Neuroscience and branding (aka neurobranding) help your brand stand out from the crowd and it protects your brand value. Approving a big campaign doesn’t have to be a gamble with neuroscience in marketing (aka neuromarketing) to measure how a campaign stimulates emotional buy-in and hopefully, more sales.

Digital marketing and technology experts

The marketing environment has never been so technologically diverse. From big data and analytics to predictive technologies and AI, digital marketing has gone beyond just social media marketing, pay-per-click and display advertising or search engine optimisation. Unfortunately, some businesses still struggle to get to grips with the transition from traditional to digital marketing and we can support you here.

Marketing and sales succeed together

The B2B desk or field marketing expert has a wholly different journey to their B2C compatriots. Ensuring your sales and marketing teams are aligned helps to broaden the value added by marketing by implementing or enhancing your lead management techniques such as lead scoring and lead nurturing or account-based marketing (ABM). Sales and marketing often have different objectives and can clash if one does not perceive the other to be supporting them. Aligning the two overcomes the biggest barrier to increasing sales but requires the right advice, frameworks, sales and marketing processes. Furthermore, a marketing consultant with sales experience can support you on this transformation.

Think Beyond start with science, data and numbers

Think Beyond is a marketing consultancy agency based in Cheshire. We offer marketing consulting services and marketing agency support in six areas. These are marketing strategy, digital marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, marketing automation and marketing training. We have Chartered Marketers and business experts to tailor bespoke solutions for your business. In summary, we support you to accelerate your marketing potential.

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